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Useful Information - Equivalent Wattage

LED Bulb
Fluorescent Bulb (CFL)
Incandescent Bulb
1 Watt =
3 Watt =
15 Watt
3 Watt =
7 Watt =
35 Watt
5 Watt =
11 Watt =
50 Watt
7 Watt =
15 Watt =
70 Watt
9 Watt =
19 Watt =
90 Watt
12 Watt =
25 Watt =
120 Watt
15 Watt =
31 Watt =
150 Watt
18 Watt =
36 Watt =
180 Watt


How to change a light bulb.




Everyone thinks changing a light bulb is piece of a cake.YES, it is easy. However, most people neglect the proper safety procedures whendoing DIY jobs at home. Here are some important reminders and tips when doing oneof the easiest home repairing task: light bulb changing.




Following is a list of steps on how to change a light bulb.


First… Remove the faulty bulb XX


Having your bulb changed isn’t your first priority. SAFETYIS!


Not only switch off the light,but also turn your circuit breaker off. If you aren’t sure of which breaker, cutoff the entire main power. Do not remove the bulb immediately if it had beenlighten. Wait for at least 15 minutes before carrying on.




Second…15 minutes have passed…unscrew the faulty lightbulb XX


Take a cloth or wear a glovewhen removing a light bulb, this not only protects you from hot surface but alsoacts as an insulation against electricity shock.


*Reminder: use a ladder and have someone work with you.




Third…After having the faulty bulb removed


Gently place the new bulb into the socket base.


*Reminder:Do not use a bulb that exceeds the maximum wattage the socket has been designedfor.




Forth…verify if the bulb has been screwed firmly


Turn the power back on, and switch on the light.




Lastly…Wrap the faulty bulb with hard paper or a box

Dispose of securely.


*Reminder: Keep new or used bulbs out of the reach of children.



How to change a faucet.



Changing a faucet yourself is a gentlemen’s job. This is nottrue. Replacing an old faucet is far easier than we think, any lady, with theproper tool, can replace a faucet.


Following is a list of steps on how to change a faucet.


Step 1


Before buying a new faucet, have a thorough inspection ofyour sink. Verify things such as how many holes are there. If there is morethan one hole, check how far are they apart. 3 holes faucet would not fit intoa 2 holes sink, and 2 holes faucet will not fit into a 1 hole sink. However, 1hole faucet would fit into 2 and 3 holes sink with the extension of a plate. Aplate not only covers extra hole(s) but also adds style to your faucet.


Step 2


With your newly purchased faucet; it is important to have aclean and well lighten workplace. Clean the cabinet under the sink and have awork light or torch light ready. Before beginning the removal, read the manualand get the necessary tools.


Step 3


Turn off the water supply. There are usually two valvesunderneath the sink, switch off both of them. If you aren’t sure if they areproperly turned off. You may choose to temporarily close the main water supply.


Step 4


With the help of a wrench, unscrew the old faucet fromunderneath the sink. Unscrew the hoses connected to the faucet. Firmly removethe faucet out of the sink. Now it is time to have a good cleaning of your sink.This shall be done before installing the new faucet.


Step 5


Install your new faucet. If there is some else at home, havehim help you hold the faucet in place while you screw the nuts. Connect thehoses to the faucet. Do not turn on the water supply immediately.


Step 6


Verify all screws and nuts have been tighten. Now you can restorethe water supply. Check for any leaks while letting the water running for awhile. Do this several times to ensure everything is installed accordingly.



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