Smartwatch Phone & Phablets

Smartwatch Phone vs Phablets


A smartwatch is a comparatively new entry into the technology field.  This a wristwatch that has been computerized and may be compared to the PDA devices very popular a decade or so ago. The standard smartwatch phone performs basic tasks like translations and calculations. More advanced models come with a variety of diverse functions each model giving the user something unexpected and new. The modern versions of the smartwatches run mobile apps.


Smart watch Advantages

Comparable to today’s fitness trackers, a smartwatch operates simultaneously through Bluetooth technology with your smart phone.  A number of your phone features become accessible through the watch which makes calling, texting and even listening to music easier.


Hands-free experience for the user


This device allows the user to receive messages and communicate while your hands remain free to do other tasks. The concept is meant to make the gadget "less distracting" for you because instead of having to receive the messages and having to draw the smartphone, you can quickly view of the different notifications are urgent, relevant or not.

Personalized information


The majority of smartwatches now come with the ability of retrieving different use physiological parameters. This paves the way for drawing personalized fitness and health information which could turn to be revolutionary in terms of the health industry, at the same time keeping better aware of yourself.

PA on your wrist


The Smartwatches are trying to make our daily functions more simplified.  The idea is to have at your fingertips critical data and analyzed information, dramatically simplifying your daily functions and effectively making you more efficient and productive. 

Offers individualized options


The devices are available in a variety of models from different manufacturers.  Similar to any modern gadget, a smartwatch may be made to own strap colors and style allowing you to flaunt individuality with ease.

The Phablet

If you are wondering whether to go for a phablet, consider these great features and attributes.

Exceptional performance


Since they are larger, the phablet makers have more room and flexibility to play with, leaving the user with a piece of hardware that is more powerful. For example, the iPhone 6 Plus, boasts a new A8 chip that is more powerful, delivering speedier graphics and more efficiently.


Spectacular displays

In case you’ve previously been watching favorite shows or videos on the cramped screen of your smartwatch phone, you’ll really fall in love with the phablet screen size. Reading e-books, laying games, and even editing your documents are certainly easy tasks when performed on the larger phablet screen.


The Phablet takes multitasking to the next-level

Yes, while the large phablet screen size facilitates great viewing, it in addition means that you could take your multitasking abilities to a whole new and different level. For instance, the Multi Window technology means that on a single screen you can conveniently open up multiple windows and simultaneously run two apps—or even better, open up one app in two different windows.

Essentially, Phablets are hybrids of smartphones and tablets. You could think of it in this manner: PHone-tABLET, hence Phablet. These are feature-rich devices that come with screen sizes ranging between 5 and 7 inches, offering functionality and the portability of a smartphone blended with the big-screen dynamic tablet experience, sometimes with a stylus included. 

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