LED lightings

Advantages of LED Light Bulbs




Light Emitting Diodes or LED lights are the most exciting and latest technological advancement taking place in the lighting industry. They are light bulbs, small in size, longlasting and very energy efficient. Because LEDs operate in a differently way compared to the standard incandescent light bulbs, it makes them far more durable and rugged. 




Currently LEDs are being used for a broad range of diverse applications like residential lighting, entertainment and gaming; broadcasting; aerospace industry; automotive; aviation; the military; architectural; electronic instrumentation; industrial controls and automation; traffic and transportation. 




Because these lights are focused they have proved to be the most useful at specific lighting jobs such as security lights, night lights,accent lighting, reading lights, desk lamps, spot lights and lighting forsignage. Even though today you are not going to find LEDs being used in lots of household lighting fixtures, reasons are plenty why you would want to have them in your home in more numbers.




Improved Safety




LED’ improved safety may be the most significant benefit. They virtually generate no heat and as such are not hot to the touch and could you can leave them on for hours and without consequence if accidentally touched. Because of such attributes, they greatly cut down on safety risks such as fires and accidental burns.




Better Efficiency




LEDs are very efficient in terms of energy usage and consume almost 90 percent less power compared to incandescent bulbs, naturally lowering power costs dramatically.  Due to their low power usage, they are gaining much popularity in areas that mostly use solar panels.




More Longevity




Compared to 1,500 hours of incandescent bulbs, the LEDs got a lifespan that goes up to 60,000 hours. Before you need to replace, a LED light can last in excess of over 7 years even with constant use. LED bulbs on average last 10 times compared to compact fluorescent bulbs, and some 133 times longer against typical incandescent bulbs. 




Greater Durabilityand Lower Maintenance




The technology utilized in LED lights is that of solid state lighting devices, utilizing semi-conductor material rather than neon gas or a filament.  Since they don't use components that are fragile such as filaments and glass, they can withstand vibration, shock and extreme temperature.




Their long lifespan dramatically cuts down the costs of maintenance and reduces your long-termoperating costs when contrasted against the traditional fluorescent and incandescent tubes.




Environmentally Sound




They are manufactured from materials that are non toxic,unlike the fluorescent kind of lighting that utilizes mercury. Inaddition, LED’s are recyclable, are deemed Earth-Friendly and “green”. They hence contribute to a healthier environment.




Color Variety




LEDs are available in a broad range of base colors like Red, Blue,Green and Amber. Additionally, LEDs may be blended together to create millions of more color options.




The Future of LEDs




LEDs are fast gaining ground as the preferred lighting solution by both residential and professionals users. They are appropriately placed to replace conventional incandescent light bulbs. This is a technology which is advancing continually - producing LED bulbs that are brighter and safer.  






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