Contemporary Kitchen Faucets: Know your Options and Make the Right Choice

Contemporary Kitchen Faucets: Know your Options and Make the Right Choice

Contemporary Kitchen Faucets: Know your Options and Make the Right Choice

Choosing a good kitchen faucet will require a combination of your own personal style and taste, and a small degree of "technical" knowledge. The fact is that your kitchen sink needs a faucet and the choice you make will determine how useful the two will be as you work. According to kitchen designers, when it comes to choosing your faucet, selecting the style should be secondary as more emphasis should be on functionality. To help you get a fine grip on what you need to understand about the basics of contemporary kitchen faucets, let's look at 4 key factors before you select your faucet.


1. Faucet Configuration As you choose the faucet, you need to decide if you want a single lever or 2-handle configuration. Generally, two-handled faucets come with a look that is more traditional and provide one handle each for operating the cold and hot water. On the other hand, a single-lever configuration combines the operation of both cold and hot water together.


2. The Style Style features to think about include aspects such as spout design (gooseneck or conventional), for single handle faucets the lever locations (behind or side), size and shape of faucet handle (minimalist, smooth, or multi-lobed) as well as the design motif (contemporary, traditional, or commercial style).


3. Valve Type and Faucet Construction The construction of a faucet covers the material it's made from, the way it's made and the kind of valve used in controlling water flow. All the faucet style and beauty aside, these are the two aspects which determines how well your faucet will operate and its durability. Kitchen faucets are generally made from brass, stainless steel, and even plastic. Although plastic is available in lots of non-metallic colors, its durability in the long run cannot compete with a good steel or brass faucet.


4. The Faucet Finish Faucet finish is used in reference to the surface coating visible on the handles and spout. It gives a decorative appeal and protective coating to the faucet. Several kinds of faucet finishes are available in the market today.


These include:

· Stainless steel

· Chrome

· Brushed nickel

· Bronze

· Hand-rubbed bronze, and others.


Consideration before Buying


Now that the particulars of contemporary kitchen faucets are clearer, let's look at some essential considerations to think about when choosing a kitchen faucet.


· Select both Sink and Faucet Together

Choosing your sink and faucet together can avoid lots of problems that could potentially arise when the two are bought independently. Foremost, the sink must have sufficient holes that will accommodate the chosen faucet configuration. The bottom line is that you must choose a combination of sink and faucet that works well together if you are to avoid later headaches and potential product returns.

· Go for a Faucet Size that Complements the Sink

Your kitchen faucet size should ideally be in proportion to the sink size. The chosen faucet should sufficiently cover the kitchen sink in such a manner that it can easily swing in a sweeping and wide arc to dispense water to most portions of the sink basin. · Choose Faucet before Countertops Custom countertops will normally require foreknowledge about the number of holes your chosen faucet configuration needs. Although this doesn't necessarily imply you cannot have extra holes drilled after installing the countertops, it could mean more cost and hassle than when the countertop is pre-drilled and pre-installed.


Last Word


Faucets are a combination of functionality and aesthetics. You want something in your kitchen that not only looks nice, but one that will also work well. Before making that final decision, kitchen design experts recommend making a trip to a kitchen hard ware and plumbing showroom to get a real feel of how a faucet will function.



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